Being present

Can we be present and wait?   Can we wait in the silence with  expectancy that God will come?

Today is the end of the 40 days of Christmas.  It is the fulfillment of the yearning and waiting for Anna and Simeon.   On this day these two prayerful ones  encountered the Lord, and the promised  Saviour comes to His people.

This promise echoes daily for each one of us…   Are we waiting and vigilant to see the Lord’s presence in our midst?   Today, this day of the Presentation of the Lord, we may seek also to be prayerfully vigilant and present to wait upon the Spirit.

This is the gift for us  …   the Presence is given  …   may we seek with expectant hearts to proclaim our own witness of God’s presence in our lives today.

Our spiritual direction is dependent upon our preparedness to wait attentively upon the the Spirit  revealing our way.     It is in the quiet gentle breeze that the Lord is found, after the storms subside.  My prayer at this time is that I, and my companions on the journey, decide to have time out this Lent.     A retreat of sorts, as we find suited to our lifestyle, but a decision to be set apart to contemplate and  nurture the inner life.


Author: Creative Spiritual Directions

I am an enthusiastic Christian and creative Spiritual Director, practicing in Melbourne. I am a member of Conference of Spiritual Directors, Australia and qualified at Heart of Life Spirituality Centre --- My creative background comes from visual arts and community development. I am currently undertaking my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice.This blog is a sacred space for sharing inspirations, experiences, reflections and practical steps in creative spiritual direction. --- I INVITE YOU TO FOLLOW Creative Spiritual and share the journey with comments and insights . --- I WELCOME ENQUIRIES for personal or group workshops, retreats and spiritual direction.

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