Prayer patterns and seasons

Week 4 ordinary time.
Today’s Scriptures:   Samuel  24: 2, 9-17  and Mark 6: 1-6     DSCF2743

Communal and formal prayers are central to the Christian tradition and calendar. Being attuned to the liturgical seasons deepens our prayer experience and unites us with the prayers of the whole body in a unique manner.

I thought it helpful to include reference to the Roman Liturgical calendar used by Anglicans and Catholics as a constant resource at outset of this blog.  Some people may purchase devotional scripture diaries, or the official Ordo in apps and calendars.

As you may have noticed by my comments regarding the feast of the Presentation of the Lord yesterday and my focus on preparing for footsteps always follow in the patterns and cycles of tradition but are uniquely relevant to my day and my time and my own seasons.  I encourage you to find your own balance with each and like me enjoy the celebration of feasts moveable, major and minor.

So, with you, I continue to take small steps in providing what may be helpful for our journey as we set out together.


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