About Creative Spiritual Directions

Through Creative Spiritual Direction I am providing a sacred pace  for exploration and discovery of what is real and important in our lives at this time.

By reflecting on our own life journey … we can fashion our story…

By listening to our own voice we may hear our heart’s desires and come to know the still small voice within.

I am encouraging practical ways of nurturing and responding to the spirit within.

I invite you to come aside…step back to be still.   Allow yourself to receive in the quiet  and as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ,*  suggests:

                 “above all, trust in the slow work of God.”

Consider making a regular time of quiet for yourself …   a space in time that is yours alone.   Contemplation starts with simply setting oneself apart… quietening the outer to turn inward and take rest.    Our spiritual journey starts with this one step daily.

I provide flexible sessions to foster individuals giving voice to their inner feelings and gather seeds of insight for reflection.  This blog assists you to explore paths along your journey and provides companioning, resources and references.

I encourage you to follow  in this blog and share with companion on the journey of Creative Spiritual Directions your experiences, encounters, questions and musings.



* See Poetry Page for full verse quoted from “Heart of Fire” 



Author: Creative Spiritual Directions

I am an enthusiastic Christian and creative Spiritual Director, practicing in Melbourne. I am a member of Conference of Spiritual Directors, Australia and qualified at Heart of Life Spirituality Centre --- My creative background comes from visual arts and community development. I am currently undertaking my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice.This blog is a sacred space for sharing inspirations, experiences, reflections and practical steps in creative spiritual direction. --- I INVITE YOU TO FOLLOW Creative Spiritual Directions.com and share the journey with comments and insights . --- I WELCOME ENQUIRIES for personal or group workshops, retreats and spiritual direction.

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