Sacred pace and negative space




Sacred Pace

Laughing at my mistakes….when reading the blog the other day I noticed I had typed    this will be a sacred pace….   and then I corrected it to my meaning. But on reflection…  we are definitely journeying at a  sacred  s  pace.      





Negative space

How much easier it is sometimes, to know what we don’t want, like or need than what we do.   I have found that this helps me be in touch with what its opposite and discover what I need and want.

Many of us have trouble articulating what we want, need or like.  Yet we know what we don’t.  It strikes me that often  the expectation of what we don’t like, or think we need, is because of a negative experience.  As a consequence I don’t want that experience to be given space.

Yet its value lies in the fact that I am reacting to it strongly.  In that lies some clue maybe as to my aversions, or negative space…those options I may be blocking out in discernment.

Artists look at the negative space and become trained at looking at the unseen side, the hidden.  We all gain insight when we see with new eyes.

My experiences, negative and positive, are all good, because they teach me the way I am to go.  If I start with the dislikes, I am prompted more to uncover what I really want.     It is great to have lots of ‘likes’ (even in a blog) but to hold  knowledge of who I am and what shapes me is to embrace negative space also.     To have a clear vision of my direction I must look backward  at my path and see what it is that is shaping me in the negative and the positive.


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I am an enthusiastic Christian and creative Spiritual Director, practicing in Melbourne. I am a member of Conference of Spiritual Directors, Australia and qualified at Heart of Life Spirituality Centre --- My creative background comes from visual arts and community development. I am currently undertaking my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice.This blog is a sacred space for sharing inspirations, experiences, reflections and practical steps in creative spiritual direction. --- I INVITE YOU TO FOLLOW Creative Spiritual and share the journey with comments and insights . --- I WELCOME ENQUIRIES for personal or group workshops, retreats and spiritual direction.

2 thoughts on “Sacred pace and negative space”

  1. I like comments about negative space and how people are trained to see the space through art. Negative space can come from feelings within many artist use the negative space to create the most amazing pieces of art in history. Van gough suffered from depression for years. Negative space can be channeled and used as a force creating music from the heart. However negative space can become destructive like a drug. Use it too much you become addicted and miss the positive in life. Some people become unable to create without the negatove space and this can be very dangerous. People should separate art from their feelings and look from the outside as to not go too deep within and learn to thrive on positives as to not be tangled in the art of the negative


    1. This is a very fine line we tread here I think. It is the power of art to speak to our feelings and heart from a heart that can express some universal wisdom. The inner journey is greatly helped by a guide. The guide may be a spiritual director, and art mentor or a trusted friend. We need companions on the journey to bring out the best we are and assist us in discernment.


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