No ordinary time

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WK 5 ordinary time      Today’s Scriptures: Is 6:1-8   1Cor 15:1-11  Lk 5:1-11

There is no such thing as “ordinary time” when you think of it.  It’s a really strange term.  A term which I think is so engaging that I keep it as part of the caption for each day.   It makes me look with fresh eyes and wonder at the extraordinary.

This morning when I woke I found I had mysteriously lost an hour. Time was not ordinary at all!   My day was underway in a timely manner for the first hour till I glanced the kitchen clock and it was an hour ahead.  I looked at my watch and it was exactly one hour behind.  I couldn’t fathom it.   It set me wondering… and also hastening.

Blogs and journals help us go back and capture something that was important to us in time.  They are valuable in our path of reflection because through them we can become a better observer or even a listener to our own emotions, values and feelings.   We can trace patterns and see ways in which we have walked.  Yesterday’s blog finished with the importance of retracing our steps to know ourselves.

My art journal gets filled with lots of seemingly random items which are attractive to me or in some way speaking to me.   When I need to find clarity around a new art direction or gain insight into what’s moving in me I sift through the images and sit with them till they inform me of what it is that drew them to me.

The spiritual journal is similar in that I write down questions, issues, inspirations and insights which come from a full range of sources, but particularly from meditative prayer, scripture and song.   When there is a flow of connectivity I feel the Spirit at work guiding me.

It is the same spirit at work in all of us calling us forth to be inspired – filled  with inspiration; from which new energy and direction flow as we follow.

Last week I rewatched “Groundhog Day” the 1993 movie.  The more I watch that the better it gets for me.   How everyday seems the same when we are stuck in a rut, with grinding certainty of what is going to happen and resolute nothing will change.   Yet slowly, and with a fair degree of humour,  things get better and better till there is a new freedom every day. No day is predictable or ordinary.  It’s a new day.

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Not ordinary in any sense of the word.

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