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Today’s Scriptures: Isa 58:1-9, Matt 9:14-15

Today I continue yesterday’s theme:  ‘Struggles’. All life has struggles through which we become freer of our “old self,” and find a “new self.”

When I was in my early twenties I participated in a small group for personal growth.  After many months, and with the guidance of a professional, I came to recognize new visions and truths about myself.   In the process I had to sift my thoughts, feelings and values to find who I really wanted to be and how to discern my path ahead.   After a lot  soul-searching and heartache,  I remember vividly how I, somewhat valiantly exclaimed “I am a  ‘new’ me!”   The spontaneous wisdom of my guide at the time, was “old self – new self you are all one!

I had become – or – I was becoming a new creation out of the old. I was transformed but still me.  I liked the discovery of knowing I belonged to all of me – my past was an integrated part of the newer changed person I was growing to be.  The process of detachment from my former ways and ideas enabled me to embrace  and trust a new vision of me.

Again I refer to the wisdom of Joan D. Chittister:[1]

“Discernment is based on the awareness that we cannot always have what we want…. It involves independence of judgment, the ability to maintain breadth of vision even in the midst of crisis, the awareness that we are not enslaved to our past.  We can dream again….We can summon up from within ourselves parts of ourselves that have yet to see the light of life.” p.36

Without a prayerful, loving and a trusting support person the process of detachment is exceedingly hard as it is a dying to something within the heart, whilst daring to trust  there will be resurrection in me.    This is the paschal mystery at work in us and a Spiritual Director or companion on the journey holds this truth for us.

Our journey is processing through life.

The question is who leads us and who goes with us.

[1]  “Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope.”

Cambridge. UK: Wm Erdman Publishing, 2005


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