Hidden Nature

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Wk 1 Lent
 Readings: Ezek 18:21-28 Matt 5:20-26

Have you ever been in a bird hide?

Have you ever waited silently  for the appearance of a rare species of unique beauty?

Today I found myself the quiet observer, as I exercised in the gym overlooking the pool.

My gaze was drawn to an apparent grandfather – waiting, arms wide open in the water, coaxing and beckoning a little 3 year old to jump into his arms.

She was so tentative and crouched down on the tiled edge wrapping herself in her arms and ducking her head inwards.

Slowly she stood up and motioned toward the water, but hesitated and crouched again.  And so it continued.

He constantly reassured and encouraged. She gingerly grew past her uncertainty and took her leap of faith.   Time and again he would catch her, hug her and place her back on the edge.

The play continued  until she jumped short and went under the water.

He quickly raised her to the surface and carried her to his shoulders.  She recovered her composure, hugged his neck and kissed him.

The game continued with variation, she would throw kisses to him, before she left the ledge.

Can you recall an incident which touched your heart in a special way?

Quietly revisiting our experience helps us recognize things that affect us.  In staying with  heartfelt moments, we allow them to become meaningful and not simple glimpses fading.

The important thing is not to think it through or interpret it.   Our feelings are what they are. They are real, true and personal.  They are the treasures of our heart.

Have you tracked in through the narrow path and closed the little door to perhaps catch a glimpse of the wonder of your own creation?


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