Trust me, trust you!

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It came to me that we can’t always trust.  No matter how much we may want to, our inner truth is that somethings are not trustworthy.

Trust comes from the word truth.  It is attributed to things which are reliable and we have come to know over time as being valid and stable.

As I explored for myself, I came to see how when I was younger I made decisions on a basis of what I didn’t trust as much as what I did trust. Mainly I didn’t trust me.

That surprised me a little as I considered my own process of discernment.  But I realise now that what we know to be true is based on our experiences to that time.

Our experience of our lives and relationships directly relay to us a sense of who we are and what we are capable of.  Yet, there are always parts in us unseen, untested and full of potential but they are not part of our lived experience, we cannot trust the unknown.

Despite others telling us to ‘just trust’, it is no simple matter to step out and just trust when something significant is before you.

From this perspective, we are always trusting ourselves from our past performance. And so often, if we had bad experiences we are not prepared in a real sense to trust in another repeat of past patterns.  We are just stuck.

Yet strangely, this is the very place from which we grow and change.

Our past lived experience does bring us a truth about ourselves, but we are not that same person any more.   There is the lie we may be clinging to.

We have changed. Our truth is different.  We are constantly changing and so in believing and trusting that we are changed, and the circumstances have changed,  we can also trust we are changeable and our patterns also change.

I have chatted with three people recently about this … one chronically homeless, one in gaol and one overcoming eating disorders … They all identified with the new self; the changing self, and see the small increments of change as mighty mountains of hope they have crossed.

Trust is restored when we trust ourselves that we have changed.  Our truth is we are inestimably more than our past and the possibilities are infinite.

As we focus on how we have changed and know that is our truth, we can discern from a position of trust in our capacity to continue to grow and faith in the unknown.

Being true to ourself, we know we are always becoming something new in creation. We may not perceive the changes in others, but trust they too are changing with infinite possibilities ahead.  Good discernment encourages growth.

Trust and truth embrace.



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